Anatomy Laboratory

 Laboratory manager Assist. Prof. Dr. Üyesi İlknur DOLU
 Unit Faculty of Health Sciences/ Department of Nursing

(Our anatomy laboratory is offered to education and training in an area of 50 square meters)
 Phone (0378) 223 50 77

Used Models

Skeleton System Musculature Nervous System Respiratory System
  • Skeleton mockup
  • Skull mockup (model where bones can be examined and distributed separately)
  • Movable joint model set (shoulder, hip, knee, elbow, foot and wrist ligament joints in sets)

  • Full-size big muscle model (170 cm. With underwear)
  • Full-length small muscle model (80 cm. (With internal organs)
  • Muscle model of lower extremity
  • Upper limb muscle model
  • Model of the foot muscles
  • Model of hand muscles
  • Torso mockup (about 30 pieces with degradable internal organ)
  • Nervous system plate
  • Spinal cord plate
  • Sympathetic nervous system plate
  • Brain model
  • Median sectional image plate / model of the head
  • Facial nerves and muscles model
  • Cervical vertebra and spinal cord and nerve distribution
  • Model of thoracic cavity organs
  • Heart lung larynx image plate
  • Transparent lung and bronchial mesh model
  • Mediastinum mockup

Circulatory System

Digestive System

Urogenital System

Sense Organs

  • Circulatory system organs board
  • Enlarged heart model
  • Life size heart model
  • Lymphatic circulatory system
  • Digestive system organs board
  • Pancreatic spleen and duodenum model set
  • Liver section model
  • Stomach model

  • Model of the urinary system (female)
  • Model of urinary system (male)
  • Kidney model
  • Kidney nephron and glomerul examination board
  • Male genital organ
  • Female external reproductive organ
  • Female internal reproductive organ
  • Fertilization process inspection board
  • I. Uterine embryological development model set
  • Eye model (enlarged muscular, vascular and nervous model)
  • Model of the ear and enlarged inner ear bones
  • Enlarged block leather section
  • Enlarged layered leather section model
  • Language review mockup
  • Median sagittal section and nasal space model
  • Anatomy Poster Set