The Academic Board Meeting was Held at the End of the Year 2020

                                                                                                                                                           Release Date: 31.12.2020
We held the Academic Board Meeting of our Faculty by ending the year of 2020 that included many difficulties brought by the COVID-19 pandemic in our country and all over the world. At the meeting, we welcomed our new faculty member Assistant Professor Sinan ACAR, who started working in the Social Work Department in our faculty. All academic staff met him and shared their best wishes with him. At the end of the meeting, Dean Prof. Dr. Sevim ÇELİK and the faculty members shared their New Year's wishes.

We wish you a healthy, happy year and all your dreams come true.
  • Academic General Assembly Meeting dated March 1, 2021 was held.

  • 2020 General Evaluation Academic Board Meeting was Held at the Our Faculty

  • Our Dean was Among the Highest 6000 Academics in the Cited H Index.

  • The Faculty Internal Control Monitoring and Evaluation Commission Meeting was Held.

  • Staff orientation was provided for faculty members who have just started to work in our faculty

  • Our Faculty's 2020-2021 Academic Year Fall Semester Student Meeting was Held.

  • The Academic Board Meeting was Held at the End of the Year 2020

  • Our webinar titled 'Studies of Child Health in Our Country' was held

  • Our webinar titled 'Let Your Organs Find Life' Was Held.

  • Our International Webinar entitled 'Being a Nurse in the COVID-19 Pandemic' Was Held